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2018'Chinese New Year Special package menu is now available for table reservation. We apologize that during 15th Feb (*eve) all tables are already fully booked during dinner time.. You're welcome to call & enquiry with us on other possible date and time for the precious dining arrangement with your beloved family members & honourable guests during this season!! WISHING all a happy & prosperous new year!!

新年来哟! 新年来哟! ㊗㊗ 距离我们华人農暦新年大概还有三个星期的时间。。和家人/同事/老板/员工/贵人, 三五知己以及亲朋好友团圆,拜年, 聚餐是新年不可或却的节目。。你今天的团圆饭和聚餐会都安排好了吗? 如果巳经安排妥当了, 那恭喜和预祝你过个幸福快乐年! 如果还没, 哪就不好意思了。。 因为我们年卅(除夕)订桌经已100% 客满。。可是如果你想要询问其它曰期与时间以顺便订桌, 那非常欢迎你来电询问和预订。 顺祝名厨各界好朋友们 新年大吉大利大丰收!!



2018 Chinese New Year Special package



>> Salmon Lou sang "三文鱼齐捞生"
*小卖 Small portion RM48+ / 大卖 Big portion RM68+*

>> Abalone Lou sang "鮑魚齐捞生"
*小卖 Small portion RM98+ / 大卖 Big portion RM178+*

>> Fruits Lou sang "名厨特色鮮果捞生"
*需预订 只限大卖 need pre-order Big portion RM138+* (*备有 strawberry / manggo 汁捞醬)

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